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the photoshop army challenge  / favorite character + colour / sirius black + maroon and gold

there are things worth dying for…


The Chronicles of Narnia Meme: six characters



I may be on the side of the angels...
But don't think for one second that I am one of them.

He was who he was; Jon Snow, bastard and oathbreaker, motherless, friendless, and damned. For the rest of his life-however long that might be-he would be condemned to be an outsider, the silent man standing in the shadows who dares not speak his true name.

I’m a Mudblood. Don’t call yourself— Why shouldn’t I? Mudblood, and proud of it.

She has the dream again that night.

In the dream, she is standing, with her brothers and her sister, on the edge of the battlefield. It is summer, and the grass is a peculiarly vivid shade of green: a wholesome green, like a cricket pitch or the welcoming slope of the South Downs as you make your way north from the coast. There are bodies on the grass. None of the bodies are human; she can see a centaur, its throat slit, on the grass near her. The horse half of it is a vivid chestnut. Its human skin is nut-brown from the sun. She finds herself staring at the horse’s penis, wondering about centaurs mating, imagines being kissed by that bearded face. Her eyes flick to the cut throat, and the sticky red-black pool that surrounds it, and she shivers.

Flies buzz about the corpses.

(The Problem of Susan by Neil Gaiman)

Favourite fictional ladies → Misty Day (AHS Coven)

You can’t be your best self until you find your tribe. I’m still looking for mine.

i wake up and i have to lie there for a couple minutes just trying to remember what’s real

Winter is coming, warned the Stark words, and truly it had come for them with a vengeance.

Put that in your blog.  Or better still, stop inflicting your opinions on the world.

I cannot reach my rusty weapons
The blood and sword that guided my path